1. said:

    Couldn’t agree more with you stating that a good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. I really don’t ever have trouble getting myself out the door for a 90-120 minute run or an hour long bike ride, but nutrition is a beast I’ve yet to tame on a regular basis (especially with my current schedule as a student and P/T worker at a pizzeria and coffee shop). However, I’ve found that the morning’s when I can get out for a run and follow that up with a decently healthy breakfast – even if they do maybe include a few too many carb calories – sets me up to have a good nutritional day overall. Maybe, like you mention, I just need to make this routine for a few weeks so that it really kicks in, ‘cuz I find myself falling off the wagon for a meal or two a bit more often than I like.

    Thanks for the sharing info on what’s worked for you and the list of resources. My reading for the week may have increased 🙂

    November 4, 2012
  2. Ace.. that’s a good question. I have yet to fully dabble in this world. I still eat quite a bit of carbs during ultras. I have noticed that I am way more sensitive (in a good way) to the sugar in gels, etc. (I actually feel the kick now after eating a gel, etc). (Insulin sensitivity is way better now). I also eat potatoes, potato chips, turkey, ham, avocado, etc during ultras at aid stations. I don’t think there is any way around having to actually eat a good whack of carbs during an ultra, but you can be smart about it. Also, I have noticed (for the most part) that I am eating much less during ultras than I used to. So… instead of 6000+ calories during a 100 mile race, now I am eating more like 3600 – 4000. Stomach issues have not been a problem.

    November 5, 2012
  3. said:

    Great post! My wife and I have cut back on our grain intake and are probably 75% paleo (still trying to rid ourselves of that last bit!) but it’s going great. Lost that wheat belly and dropped about 8 pounds in a few months. Finally back to my college “race weight” and feel the positive effects of it all so far! Looking forward to reading more of those books on your list!

    November 5, 2012
  4. Paul said:

    Great post! Sorry for the late question but what do you eat pre and, more importantly, post-workout?

    November 19, 2012
  5. Pre-workout I usually eat nothing and actually feel way better if I don’t eat. Coffee is high on my must have list though. If it is a standard morning run of 2 hours-or-so… I will typically eat nothing, but have 16 oz water and 24 oz coffee (black) prior. Starting to dabble with coconut milk/cream in my coffee though. If its a super long outing in the mountains, etc… then I am likely to eat a big breakfast of eggs, squash, breakfast meat, etc.

    As for after a workout.. this is vital. This is the window of time that I typically load up on carbs (relatively). After a standard morning run I will eat a standard breakfast of eggs, etc and will add in sweet potato as well. Also, if it’s a really hard/long workout, or if I generally feel very depleted I will do a full whack of First Endurance Ultragen. Fruit in abundance after a workout. Post-workout is certainly when I eat the bulk of my carbs.

    All the best.

    November 21, 2012

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