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    Duncan,Good luck with the plan. I’m pleased that you’ve shared such details on your focus – and how you plan to accomplish it.I think that the truism is that we are all an “experiment of one”, but there are some basic tenets that hold for everyone.First, listen to your body. If something seems off – deviate from the plan where necessary. I wish I was good at doing that.Second, you’ve mentioned before doing weights “one-legged”. That’s a key thing to remember. You don’t run with both legs on the ground. I agree those are valuable exercises.Third, on the core workouts – I went from seeing a chiropractor once/month – and being unable to get mileage up over 80 MPW until I started 2x/week of 1 hour long core sessions. You know this better than I – but I find if I slack off from the core work – that the mileage falls as well.Later,Dave

    December 8, 2008
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    How was training last week? I missed seeing you in West. Hope things are going well in Gunnison. Any snow?

    December 10, 2008
  3. you are crazy 😉 but hope things are going well for you out in colorado – seems like you’re doing well, and i admire your dedication to training, which you’ve always had. miss you – it’s been too long.

    December 10, 2008
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    Anonymous,I think you certainly can finish a 50 km on your kind of mileage. There will be a few things you will need to do in order to do it well.1. Build up to a good solid long run of 20 – 25 miles. Do a run this long at least twice during your training build up. Of course this means really reducing the rest of your weekly mileage. Get in some cross training throughout the week to compensate, and to bolster fitness.2. Stay conservative during the race. The race is long; longer than your training. No need to rush the race. Come up with a goal pace, and go out 15 sec. per mile slower than that. You can always run faster at the end. 3. Also; doing some downhill running at a faster clip will help prepare your muscles for the pounding they will take from mile 20 on; so; get in some downhill running if possible. Remember; these races are long and pretty hard; but I think once you complete it; you will find that it was ‘a lot easier’ than you thought; and that will hook you into the sport of ultra-running forever. Also; remember that your mileage will get you through the race; but perhaps the biggest hurdle with your limited amount of mileage will be: the day after. You will hurt. Learn to love it. Glad to hear you are getting into this!!! awesome. !!!!As for ‘trainers’ or coaches for this sport; not that I know of. I would be happy to set up a plan for you. Let me know; and we can begin to chat about your goals, etc. Also; please include your e-mail address and name with you next response. Thanks. dc.

    December 29, 2008

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