1. Eddy said:

    I have a question regarding Vasque shoes: I’m on the 4th pair of Mindbenders but I would like to try something lower to the ground, and I think the Transistors would fit the bill perfectly. I just would like to know if you consider the Transistor roomier than the MIndbenders, especially in the midfoot. I love the MIndbenders but I would like them to be more snug in the mid foot. PS: I like the roomy forefoot.

    November 9, 2011
    • Hey Eddy,

      Good question. The Mindbender is built on a straight-last and has a bit roomier feel to it overall, especially in the forefoot. The transistor is built on a slightly curved last.. and the overall product is more snug period. I find the transistor to definitely be lower to the ground with a lower profile. I would say that the Mindbender is roomier than the transistor, but the Transistor is definitely more snug in the mid-foot. Might be worth a try. Give it a shot! If two pair is an option.. I tend to rotate through both… this gives my feet a slightly different stimulus from time to time.

      Best of luck.

      November 9, 2011

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