1. said:

    Great read Dr. Drum! The article raised only one serious question in my mind… When is Scott making another appearance at the start line of an ultra?

    September 30, 2011
    • Scott is an absolute beast. I do hope he stays away from start-lines… he can shred me up easily. Smart dude too.

      September 30, 2011
  2. said:

    I’m really enjoying your blogs on food and nutrition lately. I’m making changes to my own diet and it would be hard to find better info then what I’m getting here.

    I’ve always been of the more conventional way of thinking and would eat huge amounts of carbohydrate. Rather recently I’ve started increasing my consumption of nut butters, fruits and vegetables. HFCS is gone. Fast food, almost completely gone. The salads I eat, now have more ingredients like nuts, seeds and fruit. I’ll still enjoy white rice, pasta etc. but I’ve cut it down and pay more attention to how much, when I eat it, I consider how I’m feeling. I’m switching the whole family over to olive oil as cooking oil.

    I’ve been feeling leaner and lighter, faster and stronger.

    October 1, 2011
    • Right on Pat. So good to see you this past weekend at The Race For Freedom. Thanks for coming down and running. Keep eating well and being fit and active. DC

      October 3, 2011
  3. Chris Twardzik said:

    gentlemen, ok this is wonderful stuff so thank you for posting… Here is a question that I have always wondered. Given the above %’s (60 carb, 18 protein, 22 fat) you say its based on calories. How much different is it if you go off of grams?? would we roughly be eating the same things>>?? apologies for the silly question.


    October 3, 2011
    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the question. I am not the dude to answer this one. I will shoot the question to Scott and see if he can chime in with an answer. Thanks.

      October 3, 2011
  4. Good for the neophyte, nothing new
    This is a good book to have if you know nothing about nutrition and want to learn some of the basics. You can collect all the basic information here through general Internet research. True, it’s nice to have it all in one place in a logical format, but I really expected much more detailed advice for a book targeted specifically to endurance athletes

    March 27, 2012

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