High Altitude

Clearly, blog writing has not been my priority or forte’ so far this summer. I intend to change that over the next 3 months. This post is the start of that. My buildup to the Hardrock 100 during the month of June was less than ideal as I struggled to train consistently the way I needed too. That is, I felt shattered, tired, and ‘out-of-sorts’. My focus was off and I was unable to put in the long days and high altitude runs that I needed to be successful. I entertained the idea of not racing Hardrock but I totally put that thought out of my mind as the event approached. Hardrock proved to be the launching pad I needed as inspiration to get out and get to high altitude consistently. I will have a couple of posts detailing my buildup to Hardrock and the race itself. In the mean-time, enjoy these pictures from the past two weeks of ascending. Mind and body are there. Head is focused, and with 26 days until the Leadville 100 I see myself turing the corner and chasing down a fast time at Leadville. I can’t wait. More soon. Thanks for the patience. Find a summit or two, and get after it. DC